One Easy Step to the Perfect Life

In a world that's constantly pushing us to become better, self-improve and have a perfect life, it's easy to lose focus. But what does it really take to lead a better life? Click here to read more.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of lifestyle-improvement pins popping up on my Pinterest feed. Has anyone else noticed this new trend happening? Maybe it’s not quite so new. No matter where you go on the Internet, there’s all kinds of blog posts, Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts showing you how to life the “perfect life”. There are diets, lifestyles and financial habits that are guaranteed to help you enjoy life.

Discontent? We all know money can’t buy happiness—but maybe something else can. We get caught up in trying to be healthy or financial fit or by being more minimalist in our lifestyle choices. If more isn’t the answer to happiness, maybe less is.

We can get so caught up in trying to improve our lives that we forget why we are here to begin with—myself included. We forget that we aren’t here to have a perfect life, but that we are here to serve others. If I get to the end of my life and didn’t have the wedding I wanted to or my dream job but showed God’s love to others, I filled my purpose.

Please don’t hear what I’m not saying. I’m not saying that striving for a job you are passionate about or trying to cut down on your possessions is a bad thing. What I am saying is that when those things take place of what God has called us to do as His servants, we may need to do some re-prioritizing. Those things are worth pursuing, but in their place.

I think that sometimes, we spend so much time trying to enjoy life and savour the moment that we forget about the One who has created this life and these moments and this world. Sometimes I find myself not enjoying whatever I’m doing because I’m too concerned about getting the perfect picture of it to share it to Instagram (anyone want to guess what my favourite social site is?). I often have to remind myself that it doesn’t matter if I share it or not; I need to be here and present and available to be used by God. If I spend so much time worrying about the best way to live my life but never really make myself available to God, I have not truly served Him and I will be discontent.

Whenever I’m feeling discontent about life, I tend to try to fill it with different things. I may go shopping and buy that “one thing” I’ve been wanting. I might grab onto the latest trend of a good lifestyle and chase after it for a month before dropping it. But the only thing that really grounds me is spending time with God. Just me and Him. Resting in His presence, studying His Word and building my relationship with Him. We talk about life and stuff that’s happening. Sometimes I’m thanking Him for everything He’s provided me with and other times I’m just being still.

When we worship God, we get our perspective back. We realize Who’s in charge and Who is the center of our lives. We realized what really matters—pursuing the One who loves us more than we will ever know instead of trying to live the best life that is like a dot on an eternal timeline.

When I get to the end of my life, I think I can deal with a regret like not getting the perfect job or achieving each one of my goals. What I’m not sure I’ll get over is regretting not spending more time with my King.

Today, I want to challenge you to focus on pursuing God rather than a perfect life. When you put Him first, everything else will fall in place.

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