How to Deal with Emotions in a Healthy Way

As women, we were created to be emotional creatures, and that's not a bad thing. But too often, we handle our emotions badly and hurt others. Click here to read about how to deal with emotions in a healthy, God-honouring way.

Story time. I am by no means from a male-chauvinist family, but men and women definitely have defined gender roles in our house. My brothers cut the grass, I clean bathrooms. We appreciate each others’ differences and the way God made us. We have also had some crazy dinner table conversations. One in particular I’ll never forget.

My next-youngest brother and I were both in high school at the time. I don’t remember what led to this conversation, but my brother just looked at me and very bluntly said, “Em, seriously. Name one good thing about being a girl. There’s nothing. You have to wait for guys to ask you to marry them, make supper every night and give birth.” Thanks James. You are so sensitive. I literally could not think of an answer for him. What’s good about being a girl that a guy would actually agree with? “Yeah, well, you get to wear pretty things!” I eventually volunteered. From the look on his face, that was a weak point.

Enter my father. “I can think about one good thing about being a girl,” he said. My brother started laughing. “Yeah, one good thing.”

“Now, hold on a minute. There is a good thing. Girls are very good at expressing their emotions.” My brother started laughing. I just stared at my dad. “Dad. Being emotional is not a good thing!” I replied, shocked that my father would even propose such an idea. Where does he get this stuff? Girls are made fun of for crying at any commercial involving puppies, overreacting to seemingly harmless comments, and worrying needlessly about relationships—romantic and otherwise.

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